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Stone products come in many shapes and sizes. They are available for floor and wall tiles, shingles, and as elegant countertops. There are a few options to choose from when considering stone materials and each have their unique characteristics, but all of them are beautiful, customizable, and can transform a room.
Stone products have a certain old world appeal to them that can create a classy and sophisticated ambiance, and have your guests turning their heads in envy.
There are three main types of stone: marble/limestone, granite, and quartzite, all of which are discussed below.
  • Marble/Limestone – Marble and limestone countertops are very popular because of their classic look. They are put through an extensive finishing process that brings out a smooth shine to the rock and allows for its upscale look to show through.
  • Granite – Granite comes in traditional form, as well as exotic. Traditional granite is what you would expect, with darker earthy colours and a speckled pattern look. Exotic granite is slightly more expensive due to the marble like effects, and unique style. Exotic granite also comes in a few more colours compared to traditional.
  • Quartzite – Quartzite starts as sandstone and gets compressed and pressurized by tectonic processes that eventually turn it into this stunning stone. Quartzite offers a wide range of colours and patterns that are very appealing but comes at a price.
Why Buy Stone Products?
There are several reasons to choose stone products over the competitors. The main reason is the upscale look of natural stone, but there are many others, such as:
Heat Resistant – Many of the stones offered are able to absorb high temperatures without any damage being done or discolouration. This works extremely well in the kitchen where there are hot objects like pots and pans that can be placed down on the stone.
Scratch and Chip Resistant – To a certain degree, stone is scratch and chip resistant. It can happen, but due to the very high density of the stone, it takes a serious effort to damage it in this way. Again this makes stone very appropriate in the kitchen where there are knives, and other sharp objects. It also makes flooring and wall tiles a great option due to drops and accidents.
Adds Value to your Home – Stone is slightly higher in price, and requires a specific support system in order to hold up its weight, but at the end of the day, stone products add value to the home. This can offset the higher price, and it will not decrease in value because of its indestructible, and long lasting nature.
Speaking to someone who knows the business in and out can help with all the important decisions. They can help from the design stage all the way through to the finish installation. One of the important jobs of the dealer is to transport the stone to the site safely and timely. They have all the proper equipment to get this done, and will be happy to help make your decision the right one. They have fully equipped showrooms, and can customize almost all types of stone. Get into a stone dealership today and get that new project underway.